Speakers Deck

01. Ain Ui Mardhiah Rosli, Bank Negara Malaysia

She is instrumental to the financial sector and payment systems development in Bank Negara Malaysia. The need to drive digital innovation within the financial sector is more crucial now than ever.

Slide: Regulatory Bootcamp for DevHub


02. Tahrizi Tahreb, rawSEC

Skilled in working with the system and network. Thanks to technologies, we generate, store and analyse huge sets of data. And this benefit does come with its own setbacks, especially from a security stand point.

Foundations for Effective CyberSecurity Hygiene in Fintech Ecosystem

03. Jenna, my-my.com

In the early days, when fintech was just buzz word, she was instrumental in bridging start ups, local or overseas, to the right parties. Bigger companies looking for collaboration or companies facing regulatory challenges.

Slide: Two Sides of the Coins

04. Ikhwan Nazri, amanz.my

The speaker is from a media portal; and if you want the latest breaking news about the tech world – you have to subscribe to their portal – https://amanz.my.

Slide: Amanznxt

05. Harith, HelloGold

The speaker is from a mix match of two of the oldest industries in mankind – financial and gold. You might wonder how they stay relevant in this modern tech world. Let Harith share with you how HelloGold does it thru blockchain.

Slide: Democratising Access to Financial Services

06. Ridzuan Aziz, President of FAOM

He is the driving force behind the fintech ecosystem in Malaysia. You will see him promote Malaysia as the regional hub at all events and occasions.

Slide: Use Cases On Building An Eco-system For 10x Growth

07. Adlin Yusman, Payfo

Fintech is a very important aspect in our lives. What we take for granted is the access we have to bank accounts. We have the options to pay with cash/card/wallet and very soon with our face. But there are a lot of people out there who don’t have
access to basic financial products.

Slide: The Quantum Disruption

08. Lilyana Latif, dropee.com

The speaker is from a B2B e-procurement marketplace. They recently closed a RM1.4 mil seed round. Congratulations. They currently support more than 800 brands with over 6000 SKUs.

Slide: Under The Hood Talent Pitch

09. Amir, RunCloud

Server Setup can take a few hours to deploy. But our speaker is from a company that will do server setup under 15 minutes. Started by 3 friends; they represented Malaysia last year at the Startup World Cup in Silicon Valley. Our speaker will share with you how to up skill and make yourself the choice candidate.

Slide: RunCloud Education

10. Marthin Khu, Members of FAOM

The speaker is a serial entrepreneur. His exposure to various businesses from digital marketing to online travel agency.

Slide: Let’s talk about the Open API in Buzzy Fintech

11. Mark Smalley, neuroware.io

This speaker has been Malaysianise and we are grateful for that. A respectable personality in the fintech ecosystem, he started as a front-end web developer.

Financial Smart Contracts

12. Hassan Abu Bakar, Azure Evangelist

An Azure evangelist and he wants to share with you how PEOPLE, PROCESS AND PRODUCT to enable continuous delivery of value to your end users.

Slide: Azure DevOps

13. Hussein Zolkepli, BitCurate.com

One of my favourite author on Medium because of his Numpy Only headlines and today he is sharing a more serious topic and a very long one too.

Slide: How To Use Deep Learning To Do Cryptocurrencies Forecasting And Trading Agents For Risking Analysis And Return Investment Score

14. Nur Sharain Abdul Rashid, LaunchGood

The speaker is a movement that is bigger than anyone of us. They operate a global crowdfunding platform to support Muslims all across the world by helping them raise funds for their campaigns.

Slide: Crowdfunding Your Tech Projects

15. Shan Palani, BoomGrow

Food scarcity is a real problem. The speaker is from a company that will empower you to grow your own food thru innovative precision farm systems.

Slide: The Machine Frame